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Our Merkaz HaBayis Women’s Learning Division impacts hundreds of women of all ages across the community, and imparts Jewish wisdom on a multitude of topics, including marriage, parenting, Halacha, and much more. Our events and classes foster a supportive environment where women can connect to one another and grow. Sponsor one of our many program initiatives for a single session, a month, or a year.

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A Sampling of Our Offerings

  • Binyan HaBayis Monthly Growth Groups with Rabbi Gradon
  • Halacha in the Home Series with Rabbi Adler
  • Eishes Chayil Personal Growth Workshops
  • Merkaz Millenials: Classes & Mentorships for Post-High School Women
  • Reim Ahuvim Monthly Couples Class with Rabbi Gradon
  • Men’s Marriage Mentoring Consortium - for the husbands!
  • Merkaz-Hillel Girls Chesed Committee
  • Merkaz La Brea Shiurim Series
  • Merkaz Marriage & Motherhood Series
  • Asei L’cha Rav Partnership
  • Shaarei Binah: Women’s Reflection & Introspection Series
  • Shabbos MevORCHIM Program
  • The POWERGROUP Collaborative
  • Parenting Teen Series
  • Asei L'cha Rav Partnership

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